Tricky Business
Children's BBC 1989

m&cUK, BBC, Children's sitcom, Colour, 1989
Starring: Marcus Clarke, Una Stubbs, John Quayle

A children's sitcom with varying set-ups. The first series was set in a magic shop, Tricky Business, run by Mr and Mrs Breeze, who were known professionally as 'Bright And Breezy'. But there was a major upheaval for the second - new cast, writer (Jim Bywater), director and producer - in which the character Crabtree moved centre-stage, sharing the spotlight with newcomers Woody and Mickie. And there was a similar new broom sweeping away in the third and final series - in this, standup comedian Bernie Clifton was the lead, supported by a roster of commendable talent including Rebecca Storm. The premise this time was that Bernie had inherited an old theatre from his Aunt Agnes (Aggie), the bequest carrying the condition that the venue feature magic acts.

Resident conjuror Paul Zenon also doubled as the series' magic adviser, the storylines allowing for the appearance of a guest magician, and often concentrating on a particular trick or style of conjuring.

We Hands Up Puppets created the White Rabbit Puppet.
It's a Glove Puppet with live arms and lipsinc and
I Puppeteered him for this real fun and talent laden Children's Entertainment Series.
I also sung the titles song.