Information about Hands Up Puppets work at the Children's Channel rebraded TCC. 1992 to 1996.
This Page is about the On Air Links and interstition. Some of which grew into short Kids Comedy Sketches.
Programmes Ratkan Zoo Ratkan on the Road Droibee Time Ike and Webber have their own pages.

Nottingham based Hands Up Puppets Created the Puppets and Partners Marcus Clarke and Helena Smee
performed the main Puppet Character Presenters.
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This is The Children's Channel's on air and interstitions vehicle 'The Ratkan' which was usually in space orbiting the earth beaming down programmes.
Here we are in the Studio but the Ratkan Set was also taken out on the Road from where we did 'Live' programmes. This was Dave Taylor's first TV job and here he is, space suit donned, stepping up the ladder.
Dave is now a very busy TV Producer/Director.

Here I am (Marcus Clarke) holding one of 'Hands Up Puppets' Android characters 'Void' which I performed, puppeteered and voiced. Here with Tommy Boyd who's looking down holding his helmet having only just come on board.
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The normal presenter costume is a lot less bulk than the baby like pink space suit affair used here for the presenters arrival.
Tommy was one of the main 'Space Jock' presenters and brilliant he was too.
He's a very funny, wonderfully talented and knowledgeable man and I learnt a lot from working with Tommy Boyd.

Veed and Void the Androids with Presenter Mark Speight. One of the nicest and most genuine people I've worked with.

This is Veed and Void (left) the two Android Puppet Presenter characters created by us 'Hands Up Puppets.'
Other  puppet presenter character creations I performed for the Ratkan Series included, Aliens, Penguins, and Gherkins in varied partnerships with other human presenters which included Mark Speight who now presents CBBC's 'SMart' Art Show and 'Blue Peters' Konnie Huq in their very first ever TV presenting roles.

In fact they both got the job in the same Auditioning round. Both being 'interviewed' by the Puppets. Copyright 1998 Marcus Clarke Puppeteer.

Right is a Video clip of Outtakes.

Job Shop Comedy Sketches
Mark and Void become miners

Void & Veed do Beakman Sketch
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Void & Mark do Tarzan Sketch
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Void as Puppet
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