For Teaching Cv. Puppet Making and Puppeteering
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TV Puppetry Lectures and Talks

Marcus Clarke

Demonstrating varied Puppets and Puppet configurations.

1 to 2 hours of Television Puppetry explained with Puppets, anecdotes and a lot of fun.
From Little Shop of Horrors to SMarteenies and 50 TV Series in between.

For Art & Design, Film, Television, Media and Performing Arts students.
Vocational and Work related.
Schools, Colleges and other Puppetry Lectures, Demonstrations, Talks, and Presentations available. Contact for more information.

My first Lecture in this format was given 2008

Students say


"I attended your lecture today, I really enjoyed it"


"feel sorry for anyone who missed it"


"came to your brilliant lecture yesterday and I just wanted to say how much I enoyed it. It was fun and interesting and it is obvious you are passionate about what you do."


"Absolutely Brilliant!
A real insight in to TV Puppetry from someone who's been there and done
it. Both informative and very entertaining!"


"I found Marcus's lecture very entertaining and informative.  He showed us clips from many of the TV programmes that he has worked on—many of which I remember watching as a child!  It was very interesting to hear some of the stories behind the programmes as well as to see clips from them that weren't aired on TV.
When watching a show that uses puppets it's easy to forget that there is a puppeteer hiding below.  The lecture made me think a lot about the puppeteer and how much work is put into operating each character.
As a Theatre Design student I enjoyed seeing how some of the puppets made by Clarke were operated.  It made me realise how simple little animatronics incorporated into the puppet can add so much more to the character.  It also inspired me to experiment with making different types of puppet, as I have only ever made a basic rod puppet before.
Laura Hodge
1st Year Theatre Design "


"I really enjoyed your lecture today, best one so far! it was very inspiring, its always good to get an actual look at the work being talked about, both live and on film, and hear about your experiences too, it gives us so much more insite"


"Really enjoyed the lecture on Wednesday, it was great to get a bit more of
an insight into puppetry"


"When watching a show that uses puppets it's easy to forget that there is a
puppeteer hiding below.  Your talk made me think a lot about the puppeteer
and how much work is put into operating each character. I enjoyed seeing how
all of the different puppets are operated - "


"I love the style of puppets that Hands Up Puppets make.  They appeal very
well to young children, bringing their imaginations to life."


Hands Up Puppets Press release
10th December 2007

Nottingham based specialist Television Puppet Character Creating Company ‘Hands Up Puppets’ have been making Puppets and Puppeteering them for nearly 20 Years.

Marcus Clarke of Hands Up Puppets has put together and tested an Informative and Entertaining 30+ minute Presentation of 'Hands Up Puppets' Puppet character creation work.

It features many Puppet characters from past Television Productions.
The Presentation demonstrates how 'Hands Up Puppets' Puppets have been and can be used to convey information, both for the Screen and in a Live situation for Business, Education and Entertainment purposes and it also illustrates the different types of Puppet and Puppet styles and configurations that they use.
To this can be added a question and answer session and basic interactive Puppetry teaching.

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