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There have been several versions of The Milkshake Show and Hands Up Puppets have been involved in all of them. As Puppeteers and in supplying or creating Puppets especially for them. Several Milkshake Show's have been Bafta Nominated too.
Milkshake Show 2008 ref 
Milkshake Summer 2006
The Christmas Milkshake Show2009
Milkshake Channel 2010
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Our Puppets included in the Milkshake Show are Patch from Tickle and Patch in A Milkshake Christmas. Produced and Directed by Eddie Mathews

And also The Christmas Milkshake Show.

Mr. Flapper, Performed by Marcus Clarke in A MilkShake Summer.

The Milkshake Show
Several Series. Milky and Shake the Milkshake House's Puppet Pets. Milky's a Ginger Cat performed by Marcus Clarke and Shake a lively Puppy performed by Helena Smee.

Below are pictures from the 2011 Milkshake Show Series 3

Here's a clip.