Welcome to our Milkshake Monkey Puppet information Page.

Milkshake Monkey was created by Hands Up Puppets in 2013 and is Puppeteered by HuP Partner Helena Smee.
Monkey has been part of Channel 5's Milkshake strand ever since.
As well as being involved in Milkshake's On Air continuity with the Presenters, Milkshake Monkey has had his own short form TV Series. Titled simply Milkshake Monkey his programme received a Children's BAFTA Award Nomination for the Production Team in 2014.
Milkshake Monkey BATA Nominee 2014

Currently Milkshake Monkey's Amazing Adventures TV Series is amazing children with his discoveries. Directed by Louise Rigg.


Milkshake Monkey's TV Series' were Directed by Producer and Actor Danny Peacock.