Fairy Stories for Lost Child Hoods Art Exhibition by Artist Marcus Clarke hung at Mansfield Library Gallery Spring 2022
About the Artist.
Marcus Clarke is an Artist Exploring Multiple Identities by combining Fine Art and Puppetry. He says: When I was 14 yrs of age my Dad worked the night shift at the local Raleigh bicycle factory and my mother was a cleaner in a Care Home.  I use irony, paint and drawing, found objects, antiquities, jewelry and junk. Sealing, glues and resins. Memory. Puppet Making Materials as well as Puppetry Performance Objectives skills and talents from my world of work as a Professional Puppet Maker and Puppeteer. I try to see things from a new perspective and explore what is revealed.

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The exhibition's viewpoint is from that of experiencing Fairy Stories only as an adult. Something many of us have done that have not had conventional childhoods, had particularly poor ones or simply because the Fairy Story telling childhood convention was not in our own childhood culture. Marcus’s own childhood didn't include them and so his first experience of Children’s Fairy Stories was while producing children’s television. He’s now shared this experience and developed ideas about presenting Fairy Stories from this unconventional, new perspective with among others, Inmates in the Prison Network. He's created twelve artworks for this series which heralds a new direction for the artist away from Capture and Vacuum Sealing. Moving towards a more Painterly and Abstract style without losing the Assemblage, Collage and Reliquary influences that have become a bedrock of his arts practice. Each Artwork is realised differently using different combinations of materials and technologies. Print, sculpting, textile for example. Each work is  accompanied by a 'Making of Video' and each with an individual Soundtrack which has been specially created for it. These digital soundtracks are part of the Art Exhibition and reflects Marcus's musical appreciation journey with Mansfield College of Art sitting in the middle. So the first three creation videos mix his very earliest Musical influences while still at School, Osibisa an Afro Rock Band that began the idea of World Music to his Leaving Mansfield College of Art for a career in Show Business, the world of work, initially as a sound man. Then becoming obsessed with the Music and Film work of Grace Jones and Jean Paul Goude. And so the last four artworks’ making of creation videos are accompanied by a mix sound track of Fairy Stories and Grace Jones Music.
Imagining an alternative path into HE to study Fine Art in between these Musical styles and set immediately after Marcus leaving Mansfield College of Art in this story are created another four artworks' soundtracks. They're early 80’s electronic mix soundtracks. Ones that Marcus has just created but he imagines he could have created back then had he taken the University Fine Art route after leaving Mansfield College of Art instead of going straight into Theatre work and bought a synth as some of his former art student mates did. Peppered throughout all of the soundtracks though are themes and melodies he's composed to cut in and across the soundtracks seemingly randomly. It’s a flight of fancy of might have been's and hind-sights in sliding doors fashion and a bit of new creative exploration and fun, something that will hopefully add to the making of video’s interest. It's Art and not meant to make masses of sense but is a snapshot of several parts of a creative journey, creative life all mixed together. One that academically never went beyond A level GCSE but in learning life skills went much further. It's a creative journey anybody could choose to make and in a wide variety of ways. Marcus chose to begin his alone after A levels and Art College. “It was the right choice for me”. He says and “please enjoy my art for what it is, important to me, hopefully informing and entertaining to others. Nobody sets out to make boring so I hope it isn't. Make the choices that best suit you”. I hope you enjoy this.

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Other images including Skateboard designs
Other images including Tattoo designs

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Dick Whittington


The Fisherman's Wife

Snow White 


Three Little Pigs


The Three Bears

Jack and the Beanstalk

Sleeping Beauty


The Pied Piper

Afro-Rock Band Osibisa and Grace Jones Island Life Albums Vinyl/CD separate my time before and after as a student at Mansfield College of Art 1977 and mark my own transition among other things from Analogue to Digital. My two above artworks, Big Bad Wolf and Little Dam Boy are experimental works that lead up to this project and Exhibition. The Picture in the middle is of two Prison Inmates using Puppets I have made in a Play they have written. Courtesy Kestrel Theatre.

Some of the above artworks required more Sketches and other preparation. Here are some of my preliminary Artworks.

Variety of Sketches for Aladdin to practice Painting and firm up the Composition.
Jack and the Beanstalk Cow was another.

Fairy Stories for Lost Child Hoods Art Exhibition in Arts Practice development context.

This is Nottingham Artist Marcus Clarke's most recent major art project and exhibition in Nottinghamshire. Drawing primarily on his own experience of learning traditional children's fairy stories only as an adult. They were just not part of Marcus's upbringing and childhood culture. This exhibition explored how they can be seen afresh, interpreted differently when viewed from a wholly adult perspective. How Fairy Stories can reach out to be appreciated by a new audience through innovative presentation. Informed by discussion with others who have also come to traditional children's fairy stories for the first time as adults. Including some from within the Prison Network.
Marcus's Arts Practice, self styled Puppetisation and PuppetTVGraffiti has evolved from his world of work as a Professional Puppeteer. As both a Performer and as a Craft Puppet Maker. Drawing too on his own childhood, Nottingham culture, fine art studies and many Historical interests and combining them all.
The exhibition is accompanied by another exploration played out through its Fairy Stories for Lost Child Hoods Artwork Creation Video's. One linked to each artwork and available online to the Public through youtube. Via gallery resources and personal hand held devices. These video's with additional text descriptions explain each Artworks' making and together form a Gallery Exhibition Guide.
The Woyaya to Grace Jones accompanying Creation Video Soundtracks enhance the experience of these video's as they progressively explore the Artists own development time in and around his studying Art as a Mansfield College of Art Vocational Graphic Design and A Level GCSE Art Student. How that affected his appreciation of other Artists, Roger Dean at the time and later Jean-Paul Goude and Musically, Osibisa and then Grace Jones in what becomes a transition for him from Graphic Design to Performance, Lighting and Set Design in Theatre to Film and Television Puppetry and then back again to Fine Art. A synchronous evolution for the world too from Analogue to Digital and back again. This exhibition is accompanied by Creative Schools Workshops developed as Puppetry, Collage, Animation activities along these lines School Workshops for advance booking information please Contact


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