Dr Rocky Hopper is a Rock Hopper Penguin Puppet and an Antarctic Researcher, Explorer, Naturalist and a TV Presenter of great repute.
He moves and speaks with authority just like Ex Prime Minister John Major.
His strand featured on the Children's Channel UK for several years.
Only surviving Video is of him in his first job on the channel as a Camera Operator

Dr Rock! as he likes to be called is often found bedecked with huge amounts of explorers paraphernalia practising his varied ‘stalking up on people Techniques,' for people, humans in their natural environment are his favourite creature of study
Dr. Rock will consider any serious Television Presenting role with no funny business.

Dr. Rock began his Professional Television presenting career as a young student shortly after appearing with the 'Flipper lights' at the Iceburg festival.
He gained acclaim as the very straight Penguin in their comedy sketches but it was his problem solving ability that really caught the TV Producers imagination and 'Hoppers Handy Hints' was born.

Expert advice on swimming pool safety

Tips & hints on all sorts of Artwork restorations

How to make very scary noises at night..

........and how to flower arrange with a special guest appearance by Vince Henderson of 'Chain Letters' Game Show fame.
Here he is being a disgruntled old woman!

Fun as Presenting the TV show was the constant head injuries forced the young 'hopper' to take a leave of absence and he returned to full time study successfully and surprisingly completing his Doctorate...

......now as 'Dr. Rocky Hopper' he is returning confidently and sort of competently to his Television presenting career as a TV expert!