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Brian Cant in TVAM's Dappledown Farm with the Puppet Mice Stubble and Straw made and performed by Marcus Clarke and Helena Smee of Hands up PuppetsA house just like yours Puppets on Channel 5 MilkshakePuppets Milky and Shake of the Milkshake Channel
Tickle Patch and Friends Filming at Ferry Farm HoveringhamPenguin Mr. Flapper from Sandy and Mr. Flapper Kids TV Series for Milkshake. Puppeteered by Marcus ClarkeSandy from Sandy and Mr. Flapper Milkshake TV Series and Puppeteered by Helena SmeeRon Vent Puppet Puppeteered by Marcus ClarkePuppet Patch from Tickle Patch and Friends TV Show Puppeteered by Marcus ClarkeTickle Patch and Friends part animated logo from the Kids TV Series.Tickle Puppet Puppeteered bt Helena SmeeWatchdog from HavakazooPuppet Penguin Hopper Operates a Camera at the Children's Channel
Dapple from Dappledown Farm and Puppeteered by Marcus ClarkeMilkshake Show presenters with their Puppet Pets Milky and ShakeDonkey Kong RTA CG character in LA Puppeteered by Marcus Clarke andd Helena SmeeMarcus Clarke with CBBC's Crabtree Rabbit Puppet in the Kids TV Series 'Tricky Business with Patsy Palmerr andd David WoodMarcus Clarke looking affter Audrey 2 in the Comedy Theatre West End Production of Little Shop of HorrorsActiona Annie Puppet Animation TV PilotDoogy Dog from Cbeebies Smarteenies Puppeteered by Marcus Clarke
Ant Puppet with Dec on Saturday night Takeaway TV ShowTraining Puppets used in TV Puppeteering Workshops by Marcus ClarkeBill Beaver BUilt and Puppeteered by Marcus ClarkeVoid the Puppet Robot from the Children's Channel pretends to be a Marrionette. Puppeteer Marcus ClarkeIke and Webber in the Children's Channel City Guides TV series. Puppets made by Hands Up Puppets and Puppeteered by Marcus Clarke and Helena SmeeMarcus Clarke is the Puppet Makeer Stand Up ShowAngelJohnny Chimes RTA CG Character for NBC Puppeteered by Marcus Clarke and Helena SmeePuppet Dec with Ant on Saturday Night Take Away TV Series
Talk about puppet character creation and dappledown farm TV series