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Affectionate anarchy. Divergent Art.
An Art movement partly inspired by Jim Henson's NBC Pipes

I'm interested in what's ritual, funny and loss. I may not be loss averse.
I want my work to entertain and engage the viewer.
I'm imbuing objects and images with some of the qualities of a puppet, notably, irreverence and the illusion of life. Two things that have always driven me. I'm Puppetising things.
In doing so I'm taking my own puppetry performance and craft back into contemporary art, where I started, where really, I've always been.


Materials. I use Drawings, Photographic images printed on card or canvas. Real objects and clothing and add to them using my Puppet Making materials and techniques. Puppet props and Costumes. Bits and bobs.

Marcus Clarke Self Portrait 4. (right) Pencil, Graphite Pen, Charcoal on Paper with Shirt, Foam, Faux Fur and sculpted and cast styrene Eyeball. Button, hairgrips, feathers  and Shoelace on Foam Board.

Influences. As well as Puppetry, History, Architecture and Symbolism, irreverence and the illusion of life.

Homeless in the Puppetised City a landmark new Exhibition, one man show, in the City of Nottingham for Easter 2014. 12x new large canvas based Puppetised works of Nottingham City Buildings are stared at by a lonely homeless Puppet child in an instillation style exhibition that includes video composite playouts. There will also be accompanying and complementing family Building image based Puppetising activity workshops.
Completed Puppetised works feature in Nottingham Arts Magazine Left Lion in the run up to the Exhibition Printed item

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Homeless in the Puppetised City
Accompanying family building Puppetisation workshop developed tested and delivered to excellent evaluation, ready for separate roll out too.
See Educational

Canadian/British Project Ancient to Modern.
In a childs footsteps. Details

(Marcus spent his early years as a child in Canada)

Nelson's Column Trafalga SquareNational Gallery LondonBig Ben
Below. Some British Art Show Venues for 2010 and some People are Puppetised.
Nottingham Castle Art
                              Contemporary Art Gallery New Art Exchange Nottingham
Nottingham Castle Gallery and Museum
Titled 'Yes we have no Bananas'
Title. Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery New Art Exchange
Titled 'Hey Mr. Tallyman'
David Cameron Prime Minister nottingham city council
                              house Ed Miliband Mp
Titled David Cod Cameron Nottingham City Council House
Title. Ed Bird Miliband

Bow Street Magistrates CourtDoorAbout this work. Bow Street Buttons.
At the top of the now closed down Bow Street Magistrates Court there is written a date, 1879. At that time my Grt. Grt. Grt. Grandfather and three generations of his family were living close by. Working as Greengrocers on the Markets, including Covent Garden. He himself became a Weights Tester for the LCC in 1897. They would all have known this Building well though I never knew any of them. So I filled the boarded up door with Pearl and Gold Buttons. Pearls being a Cockney emblem for deal making and Gold for the profit in it.

About this work. Reliquario di Pinocchio

A fragment of the true nose of Pinocchio in it's original Reliquary. More

Some Quotes.
"interesting juxtaposition, an eclectic mishmash, a concentration of tropes".
"Gesamtkunstwerk". anon
"A local artist making a mark regionally, nationally and internationally". Peter Knott. ACE.
"A play with Semiotics". "If I didn't think I was creating great Art, I wouldn't do it". "Chaos out of order" and
"I've never worried about being 'found out'. I know I'm not a fraud." Marcus Clarke
Who does he think he is". The Spectacle

Artistic Statement.
I'm an artist and an artiste. An Artist, Craftsman and a Performer. My contemporary Artwork has developed considerably since I first returned to it in 2010. Having enjoyed a successful 20+ year Puppetry and Performing Arts career. I'm currently exploring and incorporating a few new Semiotic ideas into my 'Puppetising'. (Spelt with an s or a z) Including Victor Shklovsky's assertion that; Art's key function is estrangement, defamiliarization or 'the making of strange'. What many Semioticians call denatuturalization. This is something that can potentially show ideology at work. That reality can be challenged.
In populist business terms, I'm a unique artist who fits with a gap in the market and into an emerging one.
Gap in the Market. As a Nottingham based and originating Independent Artist I provide a distinct arts offer. I'm not a local University graduate or teacher, something that if you subscribe to some of the ideas of Sir Ken Robinson delivers convergent thinkers and thinking, whereas most art is created by divergent thinkers and thinking. My work isn't academic contrivance, a reversioned or repurposed grey MA pitch. Nor am I associated with our local Galleries as many Nottingham Artists are. Something that can lead to group-think. So, I add to our arts diversity offering my audiences a completely original arts experience.
Emerging Market. I'm embedded in probably mankinds oldest art form, Puppetry, as a Puppet Maker and a Puppeteer. Yet also in mankinds newest art form, digital media, as a TV, Film and new media creative. Puppetry and Digital Media are art forms on the rise, of growing popular and educational interest. My PuppetTVGraffiti Contemporary Art blends them both to create a new art form and practice, Puppetisation,
exploring old and new ideas to innovate and advance both, as well as Contemporary Art itself.

                  cover by Marcus Clarke Press

The front Cover of June/July 2011 Nottingham Culture Magazine 'LeftLion' Created by Marcus Clarke.

Inside is an interview with Marcus Clarke. Interview
LeftLion Shoot Video
Previous LeftLion Article. Previous
InTouch Magazine interview
BBC Articles and Radio Interviews. BBC

Childhood Short Stories page

Exhibitions and Hangings.

Black Spot Art WritingSurface Gallery International Postcard Show 2013 and 2014
January 15th to February 8th 2014 the work is called Black Spot. It's the first work of a new Art Writing style I've been developing called, Art Writing. Puppetisation to engage a different audience.
Surface Gallery Bug
January 16th to February 2nd 2013 titled, The Surface Gallery Bug. 

FAB Fringe Arts Bath 2012. Mis-in-Formation.

Three Works including 'Aproval needed'.

Nottingham Castle Gallery Annual Open 2011
Marcus Clarke exhibiting 'Or it's just a Brick.'

Viewers of this Film may also find this clip from Fellini's ROMA of interest.
There's a lot of comedy and dramatic creativity that you added to that event that wasn't already there or would have been humourless and self regarding. You made your own self and the refused piece into the art!

Surface Gallery Nottingham 2011

'Salon des Refuse's'

August 2011
Works hung titled
Nottingham on the Square
Native Marcus Clarke (Self Portrait)

Native Self Portrait of Marcus ClarkeAbout this work. self Portrait.
'Native Marcus Clarke'.


Many Artists have done a Self Portrait and I wanted to do one too. Recently I got out all of my Puppetised Pictures to show a Magazine Editor. I saw the opportunity to grab a photo of myself with my Pictures. Helena (below) obliged. More

Marcus works at the deconstructive interface of iconic imagery and innovative artistic practice. He playfully detourns or high jacks or subverts iconic images to give them a different meaning. His work plays with the pieces of given aesthetic images and adds and subtracts visual cues to provide a different horizon of possibilities in the image.
In this way his work moves from the image to the gesture. Following Giorgio Agembem's work on the use of Cinema as creating space to take images to a gestural politics. For example, his representation of the iconic image of Nottingham Council House has been detourned to change the meaning to a playful and humorous deconstructive reading of the role and function of civic buildings generally and Nottingham's identity specifically.
His contemporary development shows a significant movement from artistic animation and creation, to an aesthetic of flippant-dadaism, a powerful yet playful project of creative destruction to produce auratic art.
Marcus makes a telling and significant contribution to contemporary aesthetic production and consumption, and makes a significant impact, amongst a variety of stakeholders, with his auratic art. Dr. Adam Barnard.

As a Visual Artist and Curator I have delved into the work of Marcus Clarke for his interesting perspectives on his works politically, geographically and for his alternative observations. His work is playful but also omits a familiar reasoning. As a fellow resident in Nottingham, it is interesting to see Marcus being involved and speaking for the mass in terms of 'defamiliarization' where one has to disown their prior knowledge to return to it and embrace anew. It is this connection where I engage in his creative development as an evolving artist whose work encompasses the social state with a humorous and nonconforming approach. His energy and pro-activeness consistently offers an unpredictable view of his work.
Diana Ali. http://www.dianaali.com/

marcus and kemi 4 Puppetised Jacket's Project page 

First Thursday Night and Saturday Morning
                City Council House

A Rose by any other name

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