clayfields House

Clayfields House Film was produced and directed by marcus clarke of Hands Up Productions Limited Nottingham in 2009
Puppets were made by Hands Up Puppets as the ACE funded Puppets4Learning project.
The Film's crew and cast were made up of the Young People and Staff of Clayfields House Secure Children's Home Nottinghamshire and Marcus Clarke.

Puppetry and other instruction was supplied by Marcus Clarke
and hands up puppets.

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Hard to believe that it's over 10 years since I first worked in the Prison Network, making this Film with the Children of Clayfields House Children's home. Something made possible with the support of Nottinghamshire County Council and ACE and my Puppets4Learning project. Clayfields House's Children and Staff put a lot into creating the film we intended as an introduction to newcomers and were rewarded with a Koestler Award. Though I had been in Children's Homes myself I don't think anything could have prepared me for the experience other than to have an open mind and deep commitment to inclusivity and diversity. As I continue with similar very rewarding work in the adult prison network with the project, Puppet Stories, whereby Dads share a picture book over video with their own children assisted by my puppets, I would like to thank all those involved with Kestrel Theatre, especially director Arabella Warner and to give a big handed thank you to the Button Moon trust for their support too.

Clayfield House Film has won the following awards

Koestler Award
Artform  'Off-the-Cuff Speaking'
Writers in Prison Network, Under 18's Special Award
and Artform  'Film' Award

Clayfields House Film selected for
Bang! Short Film Festival
Broadway Cinema & Media Centre,
14-18 Broad Street,
+44 (0)115 952 6600

Quad 'Don't Stop Believing'
The Quad
Market Place
Cathedral Quarter
Derby DE1  3AS

Potenza International Film Festival 1-5 Dicembre 2009 / 1st -5th December 2009
The film has been  "Accepted" by the festival, Catagory 'Experimental'

Falstaff International Film Festival
CV37 1JA