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Marcus Clarke
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Sharry Clark Artists.
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Lucy Goodman, Marcus Clarke and Ian Emes.


Marcus Clarke is Bookaboo, Puppeteer and Voice.

Bookaboo Promo-Showreel 2016

More Media

puppetry for the Screen with
                                  Marcus Clarke
Marcus puppeteering Bookaboo.
Puppetry for the Screen
Masterclass Film made for the Kids BAFTA website.

Extreme on Location TV Puppeteering

Recent Press
2017 Bookaboo TV review LA Times (Click far right image)
2017 Bookaboo nominated for 5 Emmy's
Hollywood Reporter.
(Click right image)

2017 RSM Sheringham Art Exhibition. One man Show.
At Fi
sher-Patterson Gallery GT.Yarmouth England.
Great Yarmouth Mercury.
(Click left)

2015 Bookaboo Series 4
USA/Canada for Amazon/CBC.
Hannah Simone at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children sharing a story with Children and Bookaboo. Each book featured in the Bookaboo TV Series results in a thousand copies being donated to the Charity of the Celebrities choice.

SFF Marcus ClarkeOther 2015 press mostly relates to Marcus's Artworks. (right)
BBC TV Feature at the QUAD, Derby Film Festival 2014 Here Marcus delivered a Puppetry for the Screen Masterclass. Introducing Little Shop of Horrors and catching up with The Storyteller himself, Actor John Hurt with Marcus's eldest son Billy, (far right).

Marcus Clarke in the West End Stage Show of
                        Little Shop of Horrors About
Marcus Clarke is a Puppetry Practitioner and Visual Artist.
A Schools Arts Workshop Leader and he also holds a Teaching Qualification from Warwick University.
He began his Puppeteering career performing the Puppet Plant, Audrey II, in the West End production of the Musical, Little Shop of Horrors shortly after setting up Hands Up Puppets with Helena Smee to, "create Puppet characters for Television".

Performing Credits

2015 -2016 Bookaboo Series 4 (Amazon Season 1) Amazon/CBC - Puppeteer and Voice of Bookaboo.
Nominated for 5 Emmy's 2017 ref

2015 Bookaboo at TIFF 2015
with Being Human Actress Sarah Allen Puppeteer/Voice Bookaboo
2015 Juror on the 2015 International Academy of Web Television Awards. IAWTV
2015 DogHorseCoat Art Exhibition by Marcus Clarke
February 2015 DHC

2014 Short Films created and R&D experimental work undertaken for Industry Advertising Campaign
NBC/Universal 2014
2014 Various parts in Shakespeare's Tempest.
Shore to Shore, Morocco REEP 2014

2013 Feature
in Holistic Therapist Magazine
Aug 2013 Click image right to read.

2013 Bookaboo CBC Kids Day Canada tour launch. CBC Toronto July 2013.
2013 Bookaboo website Happy films/Les Affranchis, Montreal, Canada 2013
2013 The Muppets Again.
Muppet Movie, Disney.
2013 The Gardener in Shakespeare's Othello and Richard II
, Shore to Shore, Entertaining Morocco REEP 2013 Director
Dr. Paul Prescott and Callum Coats.

Bookaboo Series 3 The Canadian Tour'. Filmed in Montreal Canada Summer of 2012. Happy Films CiTV/CBC. Puppeteer and Voice of Bookaboo and Billy Bob Beaver.
The Milkshake Show Series 3 Puppeteer to Milky 2011
London Metroplitan University Puppetry Consultant.
Nestle Commercial. Director Ian Emes. Puppetry Consultant. 2011
Gamelab London Metroplitan University Enterprises/BBC. Ways of Talking. Judge Jenny CGI animation Judge Jennyseries. Puppetry Consultant. 2010 BAFTA Nominated 2011 Learning-Primary.
Series II 2010 Happy Films CiTV Puppeteer and Voice of Bookaboo. BAFTA winner 2011Children's Pre-School Live Action.
An Audience with Marcus Clarke Adult Stand Up Comedy with Puppets Buxon Festival 2009
Milkshake Monkey Actor 'Salty Ticketmaster' Five tv 2009 
Bookaboo Live on 'This Morning' ITV Daytime Puppeteer and Voice of Bookaboo also 'Minder' 2009
Happy Films CiTV Puppeteer and Voice of Bookaboo BAFTA Winner Children's Pre-School Live Action 2009
The Christmas Milkshake Show
Puppeteer to 'Milky Cat' BAFTA Nominated Children's Live Action 2009
The Milky and Shake Show 3D Animation Five TV Voice of Milky 2008
The Milkshake Show Series 2 Puppeteer to  'Milky Cat' BAFTA Nominated Children's Live Action 2008 Production Company: Milkshake Production Broadcaster: Five
Marcus Clarke is 'The Puppet Maker  Adult Stand up Comedy Show at 2007 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
The Worms Barny the Worm for Nickelodeon UK
Tickle Patch & Friends   Series 11 Milkshake Links puppeteer to Patch 2007
The Milkshake Show Series 1 Puppet Milky Five TV
Jim Henson's Puppet Up Improv Show  Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2006. Performer.
Sandy and Mr. Flapper Puppeteer to Mr. Flapper Five TV 2006
nt and Dec's Saturday night takeaway

A Milkshake Summer in which I performed 'Mr. Flapper' BAFTA Nominated Children's Live Action 2006 Production Company: Five Broadcaster: Five Nominee The Production Team.
A Christmas Milkshake  2006 8 x 30 min Christmas Specials, Channel Five. Puppeteer to Puppet character Patch

PJ's Storytime 6 x 5 min, Disney Playhouse 2004 Puppeteer to PJ Mole. Produced by Lucy Goodman. BAFTA Marcus Clarke Nominated 2004.
PJ's Bedtime   20 x 60 min programmes, Disney Playhouse, Puppeteer to PJ Mole
A House just like yours  35x30min Children's Series for Five TV. Puppeteer to Dusty Mouse. 2002
The Softies 80x5min Series for Five TV Co-Created programme idea. Co-Produced Series. Puppeteer to Cosy 2002
Before I die
BBC Entertainment Comedy, Myfanwy Moore Comedy Sitcom tryout.
Puppeteer and provided 2 puppet characters.
Smarteenies Children's BBC/ CBBC Production 65x15 minsCreated & performed Doogy Dog. 2002
The Tenth Kingdom
TV film. Carnival Films/Halmark Entertainment Pinewood Studio's.
The Big Bag  Children's Television Workshop NYC/ Yorkshire Television for CITV Puppeteered Bag. 26 x 10 min.
Puppetry Consultant
Dotty & Buzz
  Religious Education 6 x 10 min. Channel 4 Schools 2000. RTS Award nominee.
Tickle Patch and Friends  Series 1 to10 2001-2007
Hotdog Thames  TV
Tricky business  BBC/CBBC 
The Great Bong
Ultimate Animates  HTV
The Children's Channel On air presentation, interstition's and continuity with various of our comedy puppet character creations, robots, androids, aliens, penguins, gherkins and chimpanzees all having great fun with human presenters like Mark Speight, Konnie Huq, Tommy Boyd and Gaz Top.
Ratkan Zoo Live Saturday morning 2hr Show
Ratkan on the road  a Live Roadshow featuring various puppet characters and presenters from Alton Towers, Blackpool etc.
Ike & Webbers Camcorder Cities   more comedy sketches and TV Station interstition's for TCC.
Havakazoo Series 2 and 3 78 X 30 min. TV Series, Meridian TV Production for C5. Puppeteered Watchdog.
Top Banana TVAM
It's Droibee Time 165x30 min. for TCC.
Treasure Box Thames TV
Playbox  Ragdoll production for Central T.V. 26x10min
Dappledown Farm 166 x 30 min. Puppeteer to Dapple the Horse and Millie the Moorehen.

Film credits.
Monster Maker
TVS/Jim Henson's Production
Storyteller  TVS/Jim Henson's Production
The Tenth Kingdom
Little Shop of Horrors Feature Film
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Feature Film
Muppets Treasure Island Feature Film
Muppets Christmas Carol Feature Film

Marcus Clarke and Myleene Klass on
                            Bookaboo What is TV Puppeteering? 

Myleene Klass, a guest on Series II of Bookaboo says,
"I have never actually seen how puppetry is carried out for 'on screen', its unreal. The puppeteer literally has to be a contortionist, a mind reader and have a good sense of timing (lying on the floor looking at a screen/monitor whilst reading scripts, improvising and coordinating himself and the puppet is no mean feat.)  Really enjoyed it" 

Excellently explained Myleene. Thank You. ref!/klassmyleene
Puppet Making and Hands Up Puppets
Marcus and Kemi in The Christmas Milkshake
Marcus Clarke Puppeteering Green ScreenJim Henson encouraged Marcus when he decided that he wanted to create his own Puppet characters and Marcus founded 'Hands Up Puppets' with Helena Smee in 1989 to  "Create Puppet characters for Television". They taught themselves how to make Puppets. Children's TV Guru Nick Wilson was an important early mentor and has been a long term supporter of their work. Hands Up Puppets have now created over seventy wonderful Puppet characters for a wide range of Television programme makers.

left Puppeteering on The Christmas Milkshake right Action Annie Superhero.
Script Writing
Through his Puppetry Marcus has developed as a Scriptwriter and has written for many Children's TV Series including The Softies ref 1
He's also been BAFTA Nominated for his Script Editing work. ref 2


News Bookaboo 4 nominated for 5 Emmy Awards ref
Over the past 12  years Marcus has been involved with eight BAFTA winning or nominated Kids TV Series.
From gaining an individual nomination for his Script editing work for
Pj's Storytime in 2004
ref 2

To being Bookaboo in the best Kids BAFTA winning TV Series, Bookaboo.

Kids BAFTA 2011 Best Pre-School  Live Action Award Winner Bookaboo. ref1
Kids BAFTA 2009 Best Pre-School  Live Action Award Winner Bookaboo. ref 3
see    happy films      citv      bafta

Bookaboo also wins.
2012 Bookaboo wins best mixed media at British Animation Awards.
Best Children's Programme Award Broadcast 2010
2010 Prix Jeunesse International Festival Bookaboo Won its category
Bookaboo also nominated.
2014 Children and youth TV festival Prix Jeunesse International honors the most outstanding, influential and daring TV programs of the last 50 years, Among the finalists are CiTVís Kids TV Series Bookaboo, ref
2013 Bookaboo Series 3 is a finalist in the 2013 Canadian Shaw Rocket Prize ref
2009 Bookaboo also nominated in 2009 for an
RTS Award
ref 5

Other BAFTA Award Nominations include.
Ways Of Talking 2011 ref
Milkshake Show 2008 ref
Milkshake Summer 2006 ref
The Christmas Milkshake Show 2009 ref
Milkshake Channel 2010
ref 4

'Clayfields House
is Marcus's Short Puppet based Film. The Cast won a Koestler Award. ref (Off-the-cuff speaking Clayfields House Film 1906 U16 Writers in Prison Network Under 18s Special Award)

 West End Musicals

Song & Dance

Marilyn the Musical

Little Shop of Horrors

Follies the Musical
Working in Stage and Production Management.

TV Puppeteers working with straight and reverse scan monitors what's the difference?

Computer Animation.

Venus on the Hard Drive   Performance Animator, Face, of Venus in the Sitcom Pilot 20th Century Fox tv L.A. Medialab C.G.PA System.    
NBC TV  Performance Animator  Face   NBC's Johnny Chimes Peacock logo character  Burbank L.A.
Demonstrating the Medialab performance animation system at;
The Medialab Studio L.A. (5 months) The IBC Amsterdam, the Pasadena Animation Festival, CG Osaka  and for Sony Japan in Tokyo. Training performance animators in USA & Japan.     

Bookaboo further information

Check out the Official website bookaboo

Bookaboo 4
in Production in Canada Happy Films/Sinking Ship/CBC/Amazon Studio's partnered by First Book Canada.

Marcus with Celebrity guest New Girl Actress and TV Star, Hannah Simone.

Booktrust and Bookaboo partnership
Booktrust is pleased to be the charity partner of Bookaboo, CITV's new children's TV series highlighting the pleasure of sharing picture books.
As part of the partnership, 13,000 books will be donated to children across the UK 1,000 books for every episode of the series. Booktrust will liaise with publishers and local authorities to help distribute the books to children under the age of six years and in care.

Each episode, a famous face goes back stage to share a story with Bookaboo on his Bookabus '"a story a day or he just can't play!" Bojo restored, this puppy can play and cheered on by his celebrity guest, he wows us all with the best canine drum solo ever heard.

Bookaboo on CiTV and CBC. The twenty six Celebrities of Bookaboo Series 3 The Canada Tour
Simon Gregson and BookabooJim Carter and
                        BookabooInclude, Jim Carter, Warwick Davies, Simon Gregson and...
Peter Mansbridge
Jason Priestley
Gordon Pinset
Adam Beech
Sheila McCarthy
Gordon Pinsent
Kate Nash
James Keylon
Dave Gorman
Fefe Dobson
Joannie Rochette
Julie Payette
Sean Cullen
Georges Laraque
Bret Hart
Jian Ghomeshi
Amy jo johnson

Peter Mansbridge


Marcus Clarke
              and Jim Carter
Marcus Clarke with Jason Priestly, Anthony Calvillo, Cathy Jones, Bret Hart, Fefe Dobson and Jim Carter from Bookaboo the Canada Tour.

Bookaboo on Citv.
Marcus Clarke is Bookaboo
The thirteen celebrities of Bookaboo Series 2.
Johnny Vegas
Lorraine Kelly
Samia Smith
Adam Garcia
Myleene Klass
Keith Allen
Emilia Fox
Omid Djalili
Bernard Cribbins
Maisie Smith
Tamsin Egerton
Lethal Bizzle
Ricky Hatton

The thirteen celebrities of Bookaboo Series 1:
 Meatloaf 'The Lamb Who Came for Dinner
 Amanda Holden 'That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown
 AL Murray 'Pooh! Is That You Bertie?
 Mel C 'No Matter What
 Kym Marsh 'The Cow That Laid An Egg
 Alesha Dixon 'More Pants
 Ben Shepherd 'Splat the Cat
 Fern Britton 'A Mummy For Owen
 Kelly Holmes 'Norma Snows
 Julian Clary 'The Hairy Toe
 Robson Green 'Class Two at the Zoo
 Michael Rosen 'The Night Pirates
 David Seaman 'Whatever


BAFTA 2009 Best Pre-SchoolLive Action Award Winner Bookaboo. Video from the day.

Marcus Clarke  Ian Emes Lucy Goodman
Dick and Dom  Marcus Clarke  Lucy Goodman  Ian Emes  Will Paulter

Marcus is proud to have worked for UK Kids TV's finest Talent, Nick Wilson for over 25 years.